Feeling overwhelmed


The cup thief feeling overwhelmed
Sunshine calming at Richmond

What do you do when you’re feeling overwhelmed?

Usually I set out what I want to say before I write a post. But today is different. I’ve been in a bit of a ‘funk’ for the past two weeks now, and I just can’t seem to shift it. Have you ever felt so overwhelmed that there are tears constantly just behind your eyes, all ready to go? Or that there is an incredible tension in your body that is going to snap like a rubber-band anytime (no matter how many times you try and dance away the feelings to Taylor Swift?)

I’ve been trying to get out more and exercise. Taking long walks with Pepper by the beach everyday and crafting to make myself feel better. These activities usually centre me and bring me back to the moment. I had such a beautiful day on Monday celebrating mine and Rich’s six month anniversary, we explored Richmond and just spent quality time together. But in-between amazing days is a mix of self-loathing, anxiousness and just a general feeling of being overwhelmed. Lots of bed days. Lots of leggings-as-pants days and lots of easy-mac days.

Do you ever feel like this? What do you do to combat it?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Laura x


Lovely Links: September


Lena Dunham, Retta

Oh my – so much awesomeness in one pic! Lena Dunham and Retta <3


Lovely Links: On my radar lately

“It’s interesting how we often can’t see the ways in which we are being strong – like, you can’t be aware of what you’re doing that’s tough and brave at the time that you’re doing it, because if you knew that it was brave, then you’d be scared.” Lena Dunham

↑I want to print this quote out and stick it on my wall!

→I’ve started reading The Rehearsal by NZ writer Eleanor Catton. As the youngest winner ever of the Man Booker prize she has set up a ‘reading grant’. How cool is that!?

Part 1 and Part 2 of setting up a feminist zine fair! I think it’s time for another zine making night..

→Lusting after the Kate Kosek x Gorman range- check out the kk bizzy bizzy jumpsuit!

→I’ve started planning my shadow box DIY- and made a pinterest board here with inspiration for it.

→Having a hard time believing my eyes with these amazing bags!

→Feeling okay and inspired to wear crop tops and midriff showing tops after reading this post.

What’s been on your radar lately? I would love to know!

Laura x


Spring has sprung


 the cup thief spring

Spring in full bloom

Yesterday was such a glorious day, the sun was shining so bright when I took Pepper for a walk that my eyes started watering!

I had a really lovely weekend, it really does feel like Spring has begun in Hobart. On Saturday I had my second shift at Henk Berg leather stall at Salamanca. I’m really enjoying working there – I’ve got my eye on a few of their amazing bags already.  After my shift Shaa came round for some crafting at my place. It was great catching up and creating together. She sewed her journal and I made little figurines out of clay (still need to paint them).

On Sunday I took pep for a walk and then made some money selling clothes at Re-Loved Market in Battery Point. It was heaps of fun – I sold quite a few items that had been sitting in my wardrobe that I hadn’t worn for ages. I also bought some great stuff!

After the market finished I picked Rich up and we went to Nutgrove beach in Sandy Bay for a walk. Climbing trees and playing in the sun made me feel very sensual and loved. After the beach Rich and I grabbed a beer at the Winston and then went home and cooked tuna bake for dins. I had the best day! It’s the little things.

My self- confidence has skyrocketed since I’ve been with Richard. Just being around him makes me feel fabulous. I can feel that next few months are going to be ridiculously good.


Spring the cup thief spring the cup thief

How cute are my docs? They’re brand new so I’ve got a lot of ‘wearing in’ to do until they’re super comfortable but I LOVE THEM.

How was your weekend? What did you get up to?



Material Girl: Statement Necklaces


statement necklaces the cup thief

Statement necklaces and jewellery are kind of my thing

They seem to make even the most boring outfit super fabulous.

They can make a political statement, they can make you laugh, they can make little boys want to try on your jewels.

I don’t go much on earrings unless they’re made by my sister or super special, and bangles can be hard to wear when you’ve got small hands and wrists (always falling off!) so necklaces it is.

They can just add so much to a boring outfit. Working at Smallshop I get to sell fabulous colourful wooden, resin and clay necklaces but I’m also partial to totally-out-there-crazy-cool-necklaces… and my favourite place to get them is on etsy! You won’t see me buying from Lovisa. This is not to say I’m a jewellery snob – I just don’t see the point in subtlety.

If you’re going to bother putting on any jewellery make it stand out!

statement necklaces the cup thief

my favourite statement necklaces at the moment

Pink Slime Feminist brooch : Modern Girl Blitz

Feminist Floral Wooden Necklace : Kate’s Little Store

Ice Cream Explosion Necklace : Eat.Me.Do

Silver Glittery Heart Shaped Necklace : Ladybird Likes

Parakeet Large Necklace : Tatty Devine

Do you have a favourite statement necklace that you wear a lot? I’d love to see! I’m always on the hunt for new and exciting jewels.

Top image: barbie shoe necklace by PIXIEandPIXIER, bottom; Multicultural Boobie Revolution necklace made by my lovely friend Holly.

statement necklace the cup thief


Abbie Calvert: Upward over The Mountains


abbie calvert the cup thief

An excerpt from Abbie Calvert’s travel journal and photographs from her trip to Switzerland:

Tom and I spent our days exploring jagged, raw mountains that looked as though they had only recently been thrust from the earth’s crust under cataclysmic tectonic pressures. We’d walk for hours uphill, clinging to steep paths, breathless and dizzy in the thin air. I marvelled at the way the environment transformed as we gained altitude. The wildflowers and the deciduous beeches thrived in the warm, sheltered valleys. These gave way to the coniferous larches, their branches draped in snowfall and their needley, spindly foliage glistened with crystalline water droplets. Higher still, above the tree line, hardy little alpine shrubs, gorse and heather hugged the crags. Each plant thrived within its own microhabitat, and none of them could survive in each other’s for long.

At each peak there was only snow, stillness and quiet. Chest heaving and legs shaking from the hike, I would pick up a handful of the purest white snow I’d ever seen and eat it. The soothing coolness of the place settled in the pit of my stomach. I felt as though I could touch the roof of the world. Everything lay below us so peacefully in the light: the forest, the turquoise lakes, the valleys and the villages. My eyes would well and sting with tears, overwhelmed to be alive to take in this beauty alongside my most beloved companion. This was us being alive, in this whole big universe we were here together in this moment to see these mountains and valleys carefully carved for thousands of years by shifting, creaking glaciers. I breathed in the cold air was filled slowly with sweet joy.

abbie calvert Abbie Calvert

abbie calvert the cup thief

To see more of Abbie Calvert’s amazing photography, visit her website here.

The full article and further photographs will be published in BettyMag issue 5.


Words With Heart: stationery to empower


Words with Heart the cup thief

Empowering women and girls one pretty notebook at a time

Words With Heart is stationery with a difference. WWH notebooks are positive, gorgeous and ecofriendly.  The notebooks are printed on 100% recycled paper, using vegetable based inks, solar power and no harsh printing chemicals.

But by far the best bit about this new stationery brand is that Lauren Shuttleworth, creator of Words With Heart is donating 50 percent of the net profits to supporting projects for women and girl’s education. Lauren is hoping to raise $25,000 through pre-sales of her empowering notebooks. Although her beautiful fundraising website is comprehensive, I emailed Lauren for some further words on the project.

Your journey with WWH started with a trip to Kenya after your mother’s passing, how did these life-changing events shape your vision for WWH?

My Mum was a school teacher, and she really believed in justice and equality. She was just the most compassionate and generous woman. My twin sister and I were brought up to believe that as girls we could be and do anything we wanted – I think at one stage I wanted to be the first female prime minister!

When Mum passed away quite suddenly, I really got a sense of how short and unpredictable life is and I started to question what I wanted to do with mine. Because of this, and also as a way of taking some time out to deal with the grief, I took a three-month volunteer trip overseas. I chose to volunteer at a school as in a way I felt like it connected me to Mum, but once I got there I just discovered this hidden passion for girls education and empowerment. There was a girl in my class – her name was Esther – who was incredibly smart, but the orphanage where she lived was struggling to pay for her school fees. I ended up donating the cost of the fees for Esther and her brother, and although I knew that would make a difference, I felt there was so much more that could be done. So when I had the idea for Words With Heart, funding women’s and girls’ education projects was a natural, perfect fit.

Girls and young women are smart, courageous and strong and they deserve to be seen and represented as such.

What has the reaction to WWH been like? You’ve nearly raised $5000 in only two days! Congratulations!

Gosh – the reaction to Words With Heart has been incredible! I was fortunate enough to be selected to take part in the ING Direct Dreamstarter Initiative, which provides special funding support to the project. Their encouragement and belief in Words With Heart has been awesome. Its definitely a scary leap to put your big, passionate dream out there for the world to see, and just hope that everyone will get behind it. I’m so humbled by the support that has come through already, and it’s just made me more determined to ensure that the Words With Heart campaign succeeds – we’ve still got a way to go yet to reach our ultimate goal!

You can read more about the project and donate through to the campaign here.

Good luck Lauren!

♥ Looking forward to these new notebooks!


DIY: Floral Chandelier


floral chandelier

Spring colour in your bedroom!

To welcome in the new season – or to keep a little bit of floral cheer in your room try this floral chandelier craft.

This is a project I’ve wanted to do for a few years, ever since I had breakfast with my family in Brisbane’s West End and took a snap shot of a gorgeous floral chandelier at The Burrow (go there if you ever find yourself in West End!)

I researched a few different versions of floral chandeliers online and found this pretty tutorial if you would prefer to use paper for the flowers. I prefer the plastic though, it looks so real when it’s on your ceiling. It’s also so simple to make due to the wire. Very pretty. This would look great in a child’s room (especially one that loves fairies!)


♥Wire lampshade: In hindsight I wish I’d just grabbed a dollar lampshade from the tipshop and ripped the material off it. I ended up paying alot for this one from Spotlight. Bleh.

♥Fake flowers: I spent roughly $30 on fake flowers from Spotlight. I bought blue, purple, orange yellow and white ones. The white ones were the most expensive – it was a garland of six flowers. This is the garland that goes around the base. There were lots of different colours.

♥Fake ivy/greenery – again for the base of the lampshade.

♥Florists tape.


floral chandelier the cup thief

The instructions are pretty simple: decorate how you want! Just remember to keep weaving in and out and use the wire to your advantage.

Mary did most of this craft – born crafter (thanks Mez!)

  • She put the ivy around the bottom of the shade – weaving in and out – and then up and over the top of the lampshade.
  • She then weaved the white garland of flowers around the base
  • We cut the stems off the purple and orange flowers so we could twist and place them within the greenery (this is where the florist’s tape comes in handy!)
  • We then cut flowers and leaves around the top part where the globe was going to sit as not to create a fire hazard!
  • Voila – your pretty chandelier is done!

We did this craft at Lib’s new flat, in between a feast of homemade chicken burgers and icecream in goblets. Big thanks to Lib. There should always be an obligatory sweet break when crafting with friends. Strawberry icecream with white choc? Thank you!

floral chandelier the cup thief floral chandelier floral chandelier the cup thief the cup thief floral chandelier

If you do this craft I’d love to see how yours turns out! So simple and pretty.


Sweet Sounds: Sugar Fed Leopards


Sugar Fed Leopards the cup thief

A few weeks ago Melbourne doo-woppers Sugar Fed Leopards played at The Grand Poobah in town.

The were holy freakin awesome. From their pastel-hued silk organza head pieces to their glitzy go-go booted toes – I think I fell a little bit in love with each of the band members. Their songs had everybody either dancing and twisting or standing there with hearts for eyes. Take a listen! I chatted to lead vocalist Sugar Breath about the band’s influences and sound.

Sugar Breath, how would you describe your music?

Glamorous, disco, soul doo – wop pop with a biscuit base and sugar on top.

Who are SFL biggest musical inspirations or influences?

It has changed a lot but I always say Michael Jackson and Diana Ross. I’ve been a big fan of old rhythm and blues and there is heaps of influence from 50’s and 60’s girl groups which have similar elements to the band.

How did you all meet?

We’ve been friends for a long time, playing in different bands, living in the same hoods and going to the same parties.

What is next for the Sugar Fed Leopards?

Hopefully the ‘Sweet Spots’ album can enable us to continue to do gigs, tour everywhere, buy a bus, record more, get outfits, make movies, have holidays and live out the sweet life that we dream of. The course is set on making glorious musical shakedowns that bring us together and make things better.

Full interview will be in BettyMag issue 5.

SFL facebook page

Sugar Fed Leopards photograph by Theresa Harrison Photography


What amazing bands have you seen live lately?

Lust haves: Waiting for Spring


Lust haves

 My lust haves: things I wish upon a star for


King’s Crown in Gold Leather:  Tasmanian designer Pony Black

Strawberry Fluff Jumper: Eat.Me.Do

Cher spotty mini: Kinki Gerlinki

Eat Me Heart Lollipop Brooch: Modern Girl Blitz

I can’t wait for spring to finally be here! I’ve been trying to put colour into my outfits with accessories, and although I’m trying to save I may have accidentally totally deliberately bought some bright purple docs off Hobart’s Clothing Exchange (hoping they fit!). I’m looking forward having a little burst of colour at my feet and taking a lot more outfit posts.

On Friday I had a photo session with the gorgeous Anna Murray, photographer extraordinaire. I’ll be interviewing her sometime this week and hopefully show off some of the photos from Friday’s shoot. There was lots of flowers involved. How gorgeous are magnolias! Being amongst the cherry blossoms and magnolias have certainly got me excited for spring.

Hoping you’re warm wherever you are.


PS below is a video of my sister making pom pom earrings for her small business, Pom Pom Salad. How cute is she! I miss her.

#NotControversial: Dear Kate’s advert


Dear Kate the cup thief

My favourite photo from the campaign. Gorgeous!

A few days ago I was on instagram scrolling my feed like I do every time I’m bored (ok – I’m addicted) when several pictures posted by innovative underwear company Dear Kate caught my attention.

Dear Kate is a feminist company famous for it’s anti-leak patent technology. In the stream of DK selfies on my feed I noticed a pattern; the women were all posed in their underwear with the hashtag #NotControversial.

It had me curious- what was (or wasn’t?) controversial about the underwear?

It turns out this article posted on TIME’s website considered the advertising for the new line of underwear ‘controversial’. How so? The new line – aptly called Ada, after Ada Lovelace – is modelled by women leaders in the field of technology. Critics of the campaign claimed it was ‘degrading’ to women in the technology industry who already have a hard time battling sexism in the workplace.

Actually, I really like this paragraph from the TIME article and funnily enough, it sums up exactly how I feel:
“But employers, investors and even coworkers who can now Google these women and see them in their underwear may not agree that the campaign is empowering. When I asked [Adda] Birnir (Founder of Skillcrush and model in the campaign) if she thought that posing in underwear would undermine a woman’s chances to get funding or get hired, she said:

“I don’t understand why that would have any impact on the decision-making process.”
“I don’t know,” she added. “If this makes a sexist investor that much more sexist, I don’t care.”

Let me just type that out again

“If this makes a sexist investor that much more sexist, I don’t care.”

♀Can women not be gorgeous and empowered underneath their clothes?

♀Are we still at that stage where women cannot be confident, intelligent and pose in underwear?

♀Why would you want to work for someone who thinks less of you because you modelled amazing new technology in an empowering advert?

And while Dear Kate underwear is certainly cute, it’s not Victoria’s Secret. We’re not talking lacy g-strings and other forms of underwear designed for a male’s view: the aesthetics comes second to the clever anti-leak technology. Dear Kate is definitely ‘form follows function’. And it’s definitely done well.

I had to share this fabulous comment from Divyaa Veerama, who commented on this Huffington Post article:

This ad doesn’t do anything to objectify the women, I mean, they’re in their underwear, so what? The female body isn’t a sexual object by default, only if it is viewed as sexual. The women aren’t posing in a particularly erotic manner, they’re just doing regular things so why should it be sexual at all?

If you’re in a STEM industry and can’t appreciate new, innovative technology helping females adapt and have more control over their biological cycles and natural functions then you’ve missed the point. And if you have a problem with leaders in the field promoting the underwear then you’ve missed the whole point. And if you wouldn’t hire someone – even though they’ve got the required skills and experience – because they’ve modeled underwear in an empowering campaign then you’re simply a sexist a-hole.

Would love to know your thoughts- what do you think about the campaign?