Lust haves: Waiting for Spring


Lust haves

 My lust haves: things I wish upon a star for


King’s Crown in Gold Leather:  Tasmanian designer Pony Black

Strawberry Fluff Jumper: Eat.Me.Do

Cher spotty mini: Kinki Gerlinki

Eat Me Heart Lollipop Brooch: Modern Girl Blitz

I can’t wait for spring to finally be here! I’ve been trying to put colour into my outfits with accessories, and although I’m trying to save I may have accidentally totally deliberately bought some bright purple docs off Hobart’s Clothing Exchange (hoping they fit!). I’m looking forward having a little burst of colour at my feet and taking a lot more outfit posts.

On Friday I had a photo session with the gorgeous Anna Murray, photographer extraordinaire. I’ll be interviewing her sometime this week and hopefully show off some of the photos from Friday’s shoot. There was lots of flowers involved. How gorgeous are magnolias! Being amongst the cherry blossoms and magnolias have certainly got me excited for spring.

Hoping you’re warm wherever you are.


PS below is a video of my sister making pom pom earrings for her small business, Pom Pom Salad. How cute is she! I miss her.

#NotControversial: Dear Kate’s advert


Dear Kate the cup thief

My favourite photo from the campaign. Gorgeous!

A few days ago I was on instagram scrolling my feed like I do every time I’m bored (ok – I’m addicted) when several pictures posted by innovative underwear company Dear Kate caught my attention.

Dear Kate is a feminist company famous for it’s anti-leak patent technology. In the stream of DK selfies on my feed I noticed a pattern; the women were all posed in their underwear with the hashtag #NotControversial.

It had me curious- what was (or wasn’t?) controversial about the underwear?

It turns out this article posted on TIME’s website considered the advertising for the new line of underwear ‘controversial’. How so? The new line – aptly called Ada, after Ada Lovelace – is modelled by women leaders in the field of technology. Critics of the campaign claimed it was ‘degrading’ to women in the technology industry who already have a hard time battling sexism in the workplace.

Actually, I really like this paragraph from the TIME article and funnily enough, it sums up exactly how I feel:
“But employers, investors and even coworkers who can now Google these women and see them in their underwear may not agree that the campaign is empowering. When I asked [Adda] Birnir (Founder of Skillcrush and model in the campaign) if she thought that posing in underwear would undermine a woman’s chances to get funding or get hired, she said:

“I don’t understand why that would have any impact on the decision-making process.”
“I don’t know,” she added. “If this makes a sexist investor that much more sexist, I don’t care.”

Let me just type that out again

“If this makes a sexist investor that much more sexist, I don’t care.”

♀Can women not be gorgeous and empowered underneath their clothes?

♀Are we still at that stage where women cannot be confident, intelligent and pose in underwear?

♀Why would you want to work for someone who thinks less of you because you modelled amazing new technology in an empowering advert?

And while Dear Kate underwear is certainly cute, it’s not Victoria’s Secret. We’re not talking lacy g-strings and other forms of underwear designed for a male’s view: the aesthetics comes second to the clever anti-leak technology. Dear Kate is definitely ‘form follows function’. And it’s definitely done well.

I had to share this fabulous comment from Divyaa Veerama, who commented on this Huffington Post article:

This ad doesn’t do anything to objectify the women, I mean, they’re in their underwear, so what? The female body isn’t a sexual object by default, only if it is viewed as sexual. The women aren’t posing in a particularly erotic manner, they’re just doing regular things so why should it be sexual at all?

If you’re in a STEM industry and can’t appreciate new, innovative technology helping females adapt and have more control over their biological cycles and natural functions then you’ve missed the point. And if you have a problem with leaders in the field promoting the underwear then you’ve missed the whole point. And if you wouldn’t hire someone – even though they’ve got the required skills and experience – because they’ve modeled underwear in an empowering campaign then you’re simply a sexist a-hole.

Would love to know your thoughts- what do you think about the campaign?

Behind the scenes: making issue 1 of BettyMag


issue 1 of bettymag

Issue 1:  Summer 2012

When I started BettyMag I was a completely different person. Since 2012 I’ve moved house twice, worked two different jobs, travelled overseas and am now in a relationship with the coolest man ever. I’ve made three more magazines and am working on the fifth! I’ve ‘grown up’, both professionally and personally. And I owe some of that to all the amazing contributors and readers.

I put issue 1 together while I was both working at the Hobart Women’s Shelter and finishing uni part-time. I’d just turned 22.

I’d made a facebook page first, and I’m convinced people thought nothing was going to come of it. Slowly I collected articles, contacted local women who I thought would want to contribute and did my first interview with Asta. The coffee date and interview with Asta was a few months before she won the Unearthed High competition. She joked about how weird it would be for Bliss n Esso to play at her school if indeed she was to win. She was maybe tenth on the charts at that time. I was so stoked when she won!

The night before I sent a copy of BettyMag to the printers I was in full panic mode. My good friend Nao stayed up late and helped me do last-minute edits. The (now defunct) Geon printing company in Moonah were printing it but the pick up day was the same day I was leaving for a six week stint in europe by myself. Pressure! I picked up the 200 copies from Geon at 1pm, frantically dashed around town distributing them and then caught my Melbourne-bound plane at 4pm. It was such a hectic day!
I had been concentrating so hard on getting the issue out that I’d hardly prepared for my first proper “adult” trip!
I packed a few copies in my suitcase to show my friend in London and read it over on the plane. It really was a magical time, I felt like finally I was doing something worthwhile.

I felt really happy about publishing a domestic violence checklist and getting the word out about what is and what isn’t a healthy relationship. Other feature articles in issue 1 include:

Having it all: the “post-feminism” myth by Ruby Grant
Would you like plastic with that? by Meg Good
What’s eating you? A look at Anorexia and Bulimia by Monica Mo
Two Universes by Olivia Hicks

+ heaps more.

I absolutely adore Bianca Jagoe’s photograph of her bike for the front cover of issue 1. So gorgeous.

Next week will feature a behind the scenes look at issue 2.

Issue 1
Issue 1

Photography by Ruby Grant

New financial year, new stationery!


Stationery the cup thief

Give me all the lined stationery you have

It’s that time of year when the new calendars and planners start hitting the shops for pre-order. I’m going to use the excuse that I had a 2013/2014 financial year planner and buy myself something special in the coming weeks.

Top image, agenda by MochiThings

Stationery the cup thief

Above kikki-K makes the most magical planners and journals! There isn’t a kikki-K store in Tasmania and a part of me so desperately wants to open a franchise here. In the meantime though I’ll be buying online. Orders over $50 have free shipping so there’s really no excuse. I recently bought their budget book and I’ve been using it since (it’s amazing looking back on what I spend waste my money on! read: too much take away coffee!).

Stationery the cup thief

Above Wall Calendar by Idlewild Co. Etsy is fabulous for quirky gifts and stationery. This gem and mineral calendar is so so pretty.. Maybe an early birthday present for myself? Why not!

Stationery the cup thief stationery the cup thief stationery the cup thief

Above If you prefer your stationery a little cheaper, there is always Typo (a division of Cotton On). They have great looking notebooks and diaries.

stationery the cup thief

Above Have you tried the Frankie Press diary or calendar before? I’ve always wanted to! I love it when diaries come with stickers. The 2015 diary is illustrated by Sara Hingle.

stationery the cup thief

Above Italian made, leather-bound diary from local lovely Flywheel located in New Norfolk, Tasmania.

What is your organisation schedule like?
Do you prefer daily, weekly or monthly calendars? Let me know if you’re a stationery fan also xx

Self Care Sundays: Bedtime routines


bedtime routine the cup thief

Click to visit this cool etsy shop

Developing bedtime routines:

Sleep is so important for us, it gives our organs down-time to recuperate and rest and vital for healthy brain functioning.

Do you find it hard to get to sleep sometimes?  I often can’t sleep because I’m too wired from screen-time. So I’m trying to create a bedtime routine away from screens and as a signal to my mind (and body) that it’s time to wind down and rest.

Ideas that have worked for me include having some reading or quiet time in bed for an hour or so without screens. Having a novel on the go (just for nighttime reading) or a little notepad to jot down anything that’s worrying you. Another idea is to have a bath with epsom salts: guaranteed to relax your tired muscles! There is always the ‘pleasuring yourself’ option, too.

I find changing the bedsheets physically exhausting. If I’ve got excess energy or feeling wired this is guaranteed to get me sleepy and the rewards of clean crisp bedsheets is totally worth it.

Another thing that helps signal sleep time is to create a physical bedtime routine:

Set the environment; shut the curtains, fill up a hot water bottle and have bedding that makes you want to jump into bed!

Use a ‘bedtime box’ (a decorated shoe box for instance that you keep under the bed) with:

  • Lavender oil – to sprinkle a few drops on your pillow. Read about aromatherapy here.
  • Facewipes, night cream/moisturiser. To give yourself a minifacial each night by massaging moisturiser into your skin for a few minutes.
  • A notepad to jot down any worrying thoughts

You can always chat to your doctor about sleep problems too if you’re worried.

Do you have a bedtime routine? What do you do when you can’t sleep?

I hope you’re having a beautiful Sunday.


Material Girl: Courtney Love and kinderwhore


Courtney Love the cup thief

I went to a Courtney Love concert and all I got was an awesome t-shirt.

On Monday night Lib and I went and saw Courtney Love at the casino.

It was an amazingly fun concert. Courtney was swearing and drinking and smoking her guts out on stage.

Her voice was incredible.

Her outfits were incredible. Her stage presence was incredible. I can’t believe she’s fifty! Geez.

Anyway, I was inspired by her looks to take some outfit photographs. I love the kinderwhore look (gosh I hate that term!) but too much of ‘cutesy’ just makes me look, like, 10 years old and genuinely cute.  Being the height of a primary school person does tends to work well with younger looks. I’m about to turn 25 though body, please give me one last growth spurt?

courtney love courtney love the cup thief courtney love the cup thief

I bought this dress at an opshop in Brisbane a few years ago. It’s got sparkles and boning in the bodice! I just need to fix it up and wear it with a slip. Courtney was wearing a huge jewel necklace on stage but took it off after 30 seconds. I guess  big jewels aren’t conducive to rocking. That ball is under my foot because the two dogs were playing with it in front of me and we couldn’t get the photo. As soon as I put it under my foot they sat there and waited patiently. Naw.

courtney love the cup thief
Courtney love the cup thief

With Pepper

Obligatory band tee. How cute does Pepper look in that photo? Her whiskers are ace, I never really notice them!

Let me know if you saw Courtney on her tour around Australia or if you’ve seen her before. It was definitely worth the high ticket price.

Big thanks to Mary for taking these photos xx


PS I’ve made a facebook page for this blog!


Zine Swap: Jem from Jemibook


zine swap the cup thief

Click on the photo to open a new tab to Jem’s blog

Zine swap : Jem of Jemibook

Jem, a zinester from New York City contacted me during July, (International Zine Month) and asked if I’d be interested in doing a zine swap with her.

I sent her issue one of BettyMag and she sent me a stack of her zines. Hooray for good mail days!

All three of the zines Jem sent me were bound differently which was exciting! I have a bit of a ‘thing’ for interesting binding. One was bound with floss, one was bound with a metal ring and one was bound with clear paper. Read on for a little review.

Lolita issue 1

Bound with yellow floss; tips for dressing, going green and how to set up for a party. Very cute.

Pussy Calculator

This was my favourite! A zine about all the cats Jem had as a child and little stories from her time working the early morning 5am shift at a high-end supermarket. It came with the cutest photograph of one of her cats (I’m going to guess it was her cat Katie from the other pictures).

Lolita issue 3

..Made up of “6 different pamphlets each chock-full of strange information you may never wanted to know, and some you may want to know. Like how to be the best penpal in the world, or what it’s like to work a food-service job, you’ll learn about some of my past relationships, and if you and I can be best-friend’s forever or not.” From Jem’s product description. Super cute, super colourful!

I sent through some questions to Jem to answer.

Tell me us about yourself, Jem

My name is Jem, I’m 29 and I live in NYC. I’m obsessed with all types of gardening (hydroponic/soil-based/etc), I recently went vegan and sober this year and feeling a million times better for both. I love documenting everything; snail mail, sailor moon, art journaling and a million other things. I share a bed with a lovely bearded man who doesn’t mind my introverted ways and who threatens me with marriage as a joke.

When did you first start making zines?

2008 – at this point in my life I was drawing a lot and I wanted to create something where I could share my drawings with people, so I tried my hand at making self-published booklets and I’ve never looked back since!

 Which is your favourite zine?

My favorite zine is the first zine that I ever discovered and which got me into zines it’s called ‘Likes/Dislikes’ and it’s by a lovely girl named Lacey in Minneapolis.

Thanks for the zine swap Jem! You can check out Jem’s etsy shop here.

Have you ever done a zine swap? Did you take part in International Zine Month in July?

Let me know if you want to do a zine swap, too!

zine swap the cup thief

Pepper, inspecting the zines.



My favourite fictional female friendships!


Best friends forever!

My female friendships mean so much to me. My gal pals are all SO different, and it’s the different idiosyncrasies in our friendships I love. Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without my best friends. (Nawww.)

Female friendship: the cup thief the cup thief: female friendship

Besties #1:

Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins (Parks and Recreation television series)

Oh Leslie. Oh Ann. I can’t help being a little bit in love with these two. They remind me of mine and Libby’s friendship. So much so that I bought matching friendship necklaces with their faces on them for us. Cliche and soppy? Guilty.

Enjoy some particular choice quotes

“You are a beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk ox”

“Oh Ann. You beautiful, naive, sophisticated, newborn baby”

“Ann, you beautiful tropical fish!”

“Oh Ann Perkins, you beautiful sunflower”

“Ann you poetic, noble land mermaid”

“Ann you beautiful, rule-breaking moth”

The cup thief: female friendship The Cup thief: female friendship

Besties #2: Thelma and Louise (Thelma and Louise, 1991)

“You’ve always been crazy- this is just the first chance you’ve had to express yourself”

Confession: I saw this movie for the first time last year but it quickly became one of my favourites. Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis are just magical together in this.

“—it was revolutionary, the first film in a long time to tell the truth about women’s lives. Not only did it star two women, but their friendship was the film’s central subject, the story was written by a woman, and those stars were, at the time, 35 and 45—well past their prime by Hollywood’s ever-narrowing standards of physical perfection. Though portrayed as sexually attractive, Davis and Sarandon had more to do than sit around looking pretty.”  Read more here.

I totally agree. The movie is epic, their friendship is epic.

“Louise, no matter what happens, I’m glad I came with you”.

favourite female friendship

Female friendship

Besties #3: Romy and Michele (Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, 1997)

After being bullied throughout high school, these girls kick butt at their high school reunion. This movie makes me wish I’d gone to my reunion last year just so I could whip out my phone and reassure everyone if they “needed to make a call they could use mine.” Or casually drop that I had invented post-it notes!

They looked fabulous, they rocked out to “Time after Time”, and they lived happily ever after, folding scarves for the rest of their days.

Female friendship the cup thief

Besties #4: Cher and Dionne (Clueless, 1995)

I re-watched this other night with two of my BFs. It doesn’t get old – the one – liners are even funnier.

“This is where Dionne lives. She’s my friend because we both know what it’s like for people to be jealous of us”

“Dionnne and I were both named after famous singers of the past, who now do infomercials’

Even now Cher’s touch screen wardrobe would be revolutionary. Ps If you want some Clueless inspired gear (and who wouldn’t?) check out Glitters for Dinner.

And last but not least;

the cup thief: female friendships

Besties #5: Daria Morgendorrfer and Jane Lane (Daria, 1997-2002)

It’s a sick sad world but at least Daria and Jane have each other to while away the hours at Lawndale High.

Cheers to female friendship! Let me know if I’ve missed any of your favourite female friendships off this list!


Working on BettyMag issue 5!


BettyMag issue 5

BettyMag issue 5: bigger and better

I purchased a Rookie yearbook about 6 months ago and the concept, beautiful design and high standard of content has been inspiring me ever since. Rookie is edited by the incredible Tavi Gevison, and while it’s for teenage girls, my teenager-at-heart, heart is totally besotted with her and everything she does.

I want to make BettyMag issue 5 a sort of yearbook; a wrap up of the two years I’ve been publishing it.

With each issue of BettyMag, the process becomes easier and I become more confident in reaching out to local women to contribute. So far the contributions have been of an incredibly high standard. Maybe I have been channeling the right energy and the universe is answering my call? Who knows! But it’s motivating me to want to continuously work on it.

Besides some incredible photography, there’s also been several creative writing pieces submitted. I’m always in awe of people who can write creatively, tell a story and keep people engaged. I find creative writing one of the hardest things to do (for me it’s up there with drawing!). I remember writing a short story in year 10 about a day in the life of a dog at a dog show. It was freakin terrible! And I was in advanced English. I still get uncomfortable remembering how embarrassed I was to submit it. Oh dear.

But back to BettyMag issue 5: I’m also going to throw a big launch party! A sort of ‘hello//goodbye!’ party where I can invite all the contributors and we can all have a slice of cake and some cheap wine(/beer) together and celebrate what we’ve all made together.

There is still time to contribute: email me at lkbettymag{at}

Oh! And I’m still selling all four issues including postage for $40. You can purchase past copies here.



3 little pushes: create a plan for your dream life


The Cup Thief: create your life

Create the life you deserve and crave

Warning warning! Tough questions ahead. If you’re not ready to accept responsibility for creating your own life please exit the building now.

You can’t just sit there and wait for people to give you that golden dream.
You’ve got to get out there and make it happen for yourself.
Diana Ross


→FIND what makes your heart sing

Articulate what it actually is that you want to DO every day. What do you actually LOVE to do; I mean really, really love? It could be painting, writing, even staying on top of your filing. This is where some soul-searching magic has to happen, because what is amazing for one person, might be completely different for somebody else. We’re all different.

Take a few minutes to think about your ideal week. Unless you’re in desperate need of a holiday, my guess is your dream includes some kind of meaningful work. The question is now

“Can this be turned into something that can contribute to your income?”

The only thing guaranteed to make you stick with something for the long haul – and be happy – is passion.

It took me ages to realise I like promoting and sharing my enthusiasm for certain products and services. It would seem that retail (or selling something I genuinely believe in) gets me excited. What I actually want NEED! is to open up a shop, sell items that I believe in, and promote ethical practices. And for other people this might seem like one big hell.

During my school years I remember my aunt telling me to map out on a piece of butchers paper all the different metaphorical paths I could take after leaving school. This included paths through university, tafe, working straight out of school and to the consequences of not doing anything. Where would these paths lead me? Where would I end up, and on what kind of wage and happiness? I think this is a fabulous tool to use at any ‘crossroads’ in your life, even if it’s just to plan what you intend on doing next!

Without planning there is no definite goal to work towards. If you have an ideal lifestyle or job in mind, planning is crucial and the quicker you start jotting down what it is you want, the faster you can make it happen.

So grab a piece of paper and write what you love to do, including your hobbies and everyday tasks you like doing in your day job. Do any of these translate into a lifestyle or livelihood?  For example, if you love painting, why not set up a painting space and hold classes? If you love being organised and on top of things, why not freelance your coaching services out to busy people to help them organise their lives?

As long as you’re thinking about what you would like to do and actively working towards it, you’re on the right track to get there!


→ Upskill and start learning (today!)

Upskilling and always learning is vital to keeping motivated and passionate. There is ALWAYS more to learn.

So you want to be a published writer? Don’t just wait to hear back about your submissions and pitches, keep plugging at it and sign up for a writers course.

So you want to open up a shop? Start reading other people’s stories about how they went about opening a shop and researching what you need to start.

So you want to be paid for your  photography? Maybe it’s time to invest some time watching Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials, start building up your portfolio and pushing your boundaries.

Fill your brain with new knowledge, whether it’s through books on the subject to watching some videos on YouTube explaining the nuts and bolts. Read up on people in similar fields. Find out how other people got to where they are.

Research is your best friend – and if you’ve got an internet connection (which I assume you do) – it’s free!

Just start now and don’t stop. The inspiration will keep you going. The more you learn and become invested in a topic the sooner you will find where YOU fit within the niche.


→ Take ownership of your plans and dreams!

(Otherwise known as ‘faking it’ until you make it)

It goes a little like this if you want to be known as a writer, say you are one. Simple.

You will be amazed at the way people will treat you once you open up about your dreams. Soon everyone will want to help you get there.

For example, before I started BettyMag, I knew I wanted to make a magazine (regardless of the fact I didn’t have any journalism experience or graphic design skills). However naively, step one for me was making a Facebook page. Although I’m sure people thought I was a little nuts, the fact that I started the Facebook page meant I had to keep going. I was telling the universe that this is what I wanted to do, and in effect, preparing myself and everyone else for it.

People began to associate BettyMag (the then non-existent magazine) with me. I began to receive pitches and submissions and offers of help. Effectively, by ‘owning’ the fact that I was making a magazine people began treating me differently.

Yes, I could have made the Facebook page AFTER the magazine, but I wouldn’t have had as nearly as much interest in the process and people willing to put me in touch with people in the know. Plus, I wouldn’t have been as motivated if nobody knew what I was doing.

So what are you waiting for? Get out that piece of butchers paper and start scribbling. Please let me know what your big plans are and if you have any tips or pushes for me x